What Are The Elements Of Html Document? The most basic HTML document tag is HtmlDocument. HtmlDocument provides a rich and flexible way to produce a high-quality HTML document. Here is a list of the most important attributes of the document. Document tag The HTML document tag, or HTML Document, is the document that encapsulates the HTML text. It is also known as a top-level document or HTML document. It can be viewed as a single document by the browser, or as a collection of documents, or in documents that contain multiple documents or subdocuments. For example, the following HTML document can be viewed in a browser: Html Document This document contains the following HTML: It also has as many special attributes that are specified in the document that can be applied to the document. These include: The title of the document The name of the document (as its title) The attributes of read what he said HTML document There are many attributes that are used in the document. The following list is a list that will help you understand the attributes of the Document tag: Attributes Attributes can be used to define the attributes of a document. These are the HTML attributes that are defined in the document and are used to inform the browser that it has the elements that it would like to find or to display in it. However, they do not have to be specified. Attributes are used to define a set of attributes that can be used by a browser to find and display HTML elements that are different from the HTML elements that it is looking for. For example, to find out whether a page is a child of another page, the browser might use the following attribute: Another example is the following HTML attribute: