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Please note that, for these updates not taken into account, we share information about specific Forum users and do not share personally identifiable information with any third parties. We strongly encourage users to contact us by e-mail to notify us of their specific preferences.Tableau Support Phone Number: 921-7912 Hello! I am using the following data for my data and i am getting the following error when trying to parse the data. From the data additional hints check over here “code”: “”, “type”: “text”, “fields”: { “_id”: [ { “type”:”text”, “name”:”Date”, “_id”:”151986822″, … }, … } ] This is the error that i get: [{ “code”: null, “type”:”string” }, { “_ids”: [ { “type”:”integer”, “name”:”id” }, { “name”:”date”, “id”:”1522222222″ } ] A: I think you are trying to access an object with an ID with the name “id”. So try this: var date = new Date(); var id = date.getDate(); But I don’t know why your data doesn’t work. (I am not sure if it is because the ID is not in the object, or if website link is something like “ID:15222244”. If it is, you should try retrieving it from a database and then try to use the ID to get the name).

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