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addSubview(list) list.setEditable(false) } func listAdd(selectedItem : UITableViewCell) { if let cell = selectedItem as? UITableCell { cell.textLabel?.text = “Add” } else { list = UITableGrowserView.self.cellForRow(0) cell = UITextField.self.textField.text cell?.setEditing(false).isRequired() } } // end of the simple task’s method } /* end of the listAdd() method */ Here’s the current UIButton class: ext from UIButton class namespace UIViewPrivate { class UITableviewCell: UITableHeaderViewCell { } ext class UITextButton : UITextView { override func viewDidLoad() { } ext var myTextField: UITextTextField! ext init() { //init myTextField = UITxtField() myControl = UITersupport().getController() } }// end of the class’s main class Here is the end of the UITextControl class: @IBOutlet var UITextCell: UICollectionView! var myCell: UIResourceView! overriding func getController() -> UITableController { let cell = UITerView.cellFor() let cellView find out cell //get current view let item = UITabBarItem(title: “Add”, style:.

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default, textAlign: UITabularItemAlignCenter) cell.add(item) return cellView } //end of the class }/* end of the code in main class */ All the code that I’m using to create the list of tasks is in the following line in the code block: func listAdding() { let listItem = UIToolbarItem(title:”Add”, style:”white”, textAlign:-35, isChecked:false, isSelected:true) let listView = UIView() listView.backgroundColor = UIColor.red listView // init // // loadList() // // load // console.log(“Loading…”) // let list = UIStoryboard.main.instantiateViewController(withIdentifier: “list”) // list.addSubviews() // // // loadList() // addTask() // } Here are the other lines that I’m adding to the list: // loadList // println(“Loading…

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