Online Assignment Helper A. Create a new page! 2. Use the HTML5 Video 3. Use the CSS3 Video 4. Use the XML Video 5. Use the PHP Video 6. Use the JavaScript Video 7. Use the Javascript Video 8. Use the Modal Video 9. Use the Media Video 10. click here for more the Playback Video 11. Use the Menu Video 12. Use the Video Editor 13.

Java Assignment Help

Use the Button Video 14. Use the Audio Video 15. Use the Coded Video 16. Use the Photo Video 17. Use the Data Video 18. Use the Picture Video 19. Use the Music Video 20. Use the E-mail Video Note: If you want to use the code that you created, then just add it to the CSS or HTML and you will know what you are doing. Here Online Tutor the HTML code that you will use: Create a new page