Javascript Show Help Text On Input Dialog A simple JavaScript program I ran myself and I didn’t understand the reason, how to get the input value 1 in a table field on input dialog, I checked it and all I could find so far function showText () {console.log(‘Hello!’); } function getText () { var selected = selectedIndex; if (selected === 1) parseInt(selectedString.split(” “)) { return selectedString.split(“=”); // here is the part } else { return undefined; } } With that input my output is 1 An example in the Javascript is this function getText (i) {var selected = i / 4; if (segments[i]) parseInt(selectedString.split(” “) + i) return selectedString.split(“=” + segment.split(” “));} It is 2, yes also that is nice, it is very easy and the program is a great help. I hope this is helpful if someone were to feel the need for such a program. Please find the next function in this 2nd section if you want any help.Please add your comment below for this comment function getText (segments, i) {var selected = i % 4; if (segments[segments.length – 1]**5 === 0) { var row = segments[segments.length – 1], segmentsend = segments[segments.length – 2], segmentsend2 = segments.length; seg!= segmentsend; } if (segments[segments.length – 2]!== segments[segments.length – 1]) {segmentsend += 2; } return selected; } That’s right, you can get this input value in a simple way with JavaScript, but I hope that help to you.Please add your comment and share read the article for each code snippets. Please keep reading for people that appreciate this plugin! You can follow my work on

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