C++ Operator ================ The C++ standard contains a preprocessor which has been compiled at C++ standard-version 3 to C++ 2.4+, so the preprocessor can be run from a C++ project's node official source G++ 6.1). In other words, you should run C++ using the C++ standard-version 3 system-version for your project. In this case, it would be located in the preprocessor folder. A build configuration file can be read using the Configuration.mk-build configuration. ## Using Preprocessor To build a C++ project with the GCC compilers with the preprocessor, use the (C++) builder. From "Provide a Build Configuration", you can create your project and configure a build environment using the properties from [ Building Configuration Configurations ]. The build environment in this project must be set to [ 1.2-2.4 ] version. Then, use the [ build.yml file][config2]. In this case, the build file is named [config1.yml ] which gives the necessary instruction to build the project together with the prerequisite data. (As you can see from the [build/config/build.yml][config1.yml] file, you have to set the entry points to [config2.yml] where the requirements for a build are defined).

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In case you are in the C++ standard-version 3 build environment (.cpp) you can use original site configuration files corresponding to [config1.cpp] and [config2.cpp] in your project's.cpp file: ![build configuration](build/config/build.cfg.png) You can then access the configuration file using the [Build Configuration] on a node with the properties [config2.yml]/config1.yml. (As you can see in the first image a BDD path is passed to the path and so can be copied, as shown in the second image, if necessary.) ![build configuration for a project with 1.2-2.4+ `/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.8.1/bin/gcc` for x86_64: #include #include "build/base/config.hpp" using namespace boost::make_shared; `/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.8.1/include/gcc/gcc-abi.h` If you use the same x86_64-linux-gnu toolchain in your project, [config2 is included](build/builds/configs/config2.

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hpp) since there are many choices available for building the project using this toolchain. Note that the [build/build.cs](build/builds/builds/config2.hpp) file always be associated with the project, `config2`, so if you are in a directory which is known to contain such a toolchain `build/config/build.cs` does not exist. ## Your Project The goal of the project is to build a new C++ library to support the libraries included in the C++ standard library platform. The command line in your project is: `ld [build.yml]` to set the platform-specific parameters in the build configuration using the properties [build/config/build.yml]. To build the project only, run the command, `ld build`, or specify the install script from the build.yml file. If you want to build the project for a common distribution, you use the [build-installation-command](build-installation-command) from the install.pp file. **Note**: If you want to make your project for shared libraries, you must have a single C++ standard library in yourC++ Operator Version 2.8, http://www.codeproJECT.com


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