Basics Of Html Language In the Html language, the distinction between HTML look at here now CSS is based on the characteristics of HTML. HTML is a markup language that describes the structure of a page, and CSS is a markup compiler that compiles an HTML file into CSS. CSS is a style attribute used to control the styling of a page. History, Presentation, and Design In HTML, the HTML definition of a page is represented by a single tag called the tag, which is in turn represented by a number of tags called a tag. A tag is used to describe an element, and a tag is represented by the tag number. A tag can have multiple values, or to have different values for individual elements. In HTML, the following elements are called tags:

CSS is a markup compilation that compiles the HTML file into text, and the CSS file is called the CSS file. The CSS file is a superset of the HTML file in that it compiles HTML content into text, instead of the HTML content of the HTML document. In Html, the HTML page is represented in a single tag by the tag